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A New Year Means New Shoes From Not Rated Footwear

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If you are a fan of Not Rated Footwear, we hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions was to invest in some more of your favorite pumps and booties from our online store. After all, you can’t get styles like this just anywhere and if you want to be a style icon in 2018, you certainly can’t do so without the help of our winter collection. Whether you have plans to simply stay warm at home over the next few months or you don’t let the colder temperatures affect you at all, we know there is at least one perfect pair of shoes that you have yet to own. Let’s talk about the many places you might be showing off your shoes even when the temperatures  drop to extreme lows January through March.

You Have To Go To Work

While it certainly sounds tempting to just hibernate in the winter like a bear, this isn’t really an option for the majority of us. This is especially true of the working gal. The key to finding the perfect shoe to wear to work during the winter months is that it needs to be a style that offers both fashion and function. After all, it’s likely the majority of your day will be spent inside. However, you’re going to need shoes that are practical enough for you to make it from your house to your car into the office. For this, we would suggest you try something like our Sansa Boot in Black. With a simple style and the perfect calf height, you can be sure that you won’t slip on the sidewalk but you will be getting compliments left and right from coworkers and clients alike.

You’re Going To Have To Attend Friend Functions

The urge to bail on literally every single plan you have made this winter is strong, we know. While you love your friends and want to celebrate things like their birthdays and job promotions, the thought of staying at home with a large pizza and the latest episodes of Stranger Things certainly is tempting when it’s 16 degrees outside. On the other hand, a great pair of shoes is certainly an extra bit of incentive to hit the town. We would go with our adorable Funshine Pump in Navy. These faux velvet heels go perfectly with jeans or with a dress and some tights. Plus they will make you feel like partying without a doubt!

You Will Have To Run Errands

Running errands is not anyone’s favorite thing to do and this becomes even truer when you have to do it in the freezing cold. On the other hand, with the right shoes, going to the grocery store and the car wash might not be half bad. We’re assuming you run your errands in an outfit similar to the ones we were when we’re out and about. Your yoga pants, college sweatshirt, and big winter jacket will go perfectly with our Blenbeim Boots in Grey. They’re comfortable, stylish and perfect for keeping your feet dry and warm as you visit various locations around town.

At The Very Least, You Need To Take Out The Trash

Alright, just to humor you, let’s say you have found a way to make it the entire winter without leaving your apartment or house for any reason at all. You’re still going to need the right shoes for taking out the trash and retrieving in the mail. In this case, we think our Denise Tennis in Khaki will work. Slip on these simple shoes and run outside for quick and easy winter errands.

Shop Not Rated Shoes Today

Regardless of where you are planning on heading during the next few months, it is imperative that you have a pair of Not Rated shoes to wear on your journey. Check out our online store today and locate your favorite style for far at least.


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