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A Not Rated Girl is Easygoing, Fun-Loving and Glows with Confidence

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At Not Rated, we believe our shoes should have no limitations, as should the Not Rated girls who wear our shoes. A Not Rated girl is easygoing, fun-loving and glows with confidence. Here are a few qualities specific to women who live their lives without limits.

Women who live without limits are in a continual state of curiosity. Curiosity is what helps us learn, and we never want to stop learning. As a child, we were no doubt fascinated by everything around us, from the complex to the mundane. We craved knowledge and could imagine the craziest things because, as a child, we had no limitations. We believed in superheroes, peace on earth and Santa Claus. Without limitations, we can envision a world with no basis of reality.

A woman living her life with no limitations is a patient woman. She doesn’t get stressed when stuck in a traffic jam because she knows no matter what she does, those cars in front of her aren’t going to move any faster.

The woman living her life without limitations is always at her peak performance, whether at work, in sports or relationships. She is able to overcome fear and discover her most magnetic qualities.

Attempting to please everybody is just a waste of time. A woman who lives her life without limitations blazes her own trail, she is independent from the opinions of others.

There will be ups and downs in life, it’s a truth you cannot avoid. But when you sit on the edge of your bed facing your biggest fears, ask yourself what is the best thing that could happen.

Then slip into a pair of Not Rated shoes and begin what is sure to be a fantastic day.


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