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Are You Ready For Sandal Season At Not Rated Footwear?

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Hey there, lady! Are you half as excited as we are that the warm spring weather will be here before we know it? At Not Rated Footwear, we cannot stop talking about the arrival and spring and subsequently, summer. Do you have any idea why? If you guessed that the arrivals of summer sandals in our online store has something to do with it, then you would be right. We have a ton of new styles in stock. So many in fact, that it might be impossible for you to checkout buying only one pair.

When it comes to sandals, having multiple pairs isn’t a hard thing to do. After all, there are many different types of sandals and each one is worn for a different reason, in a different place or with a different outfit. From the typical slide-on sandal to the sturdier ankle clasp sandal, you’re likely going to be in need of several styles of summer footwear. Check out some of our new favorite summer sandals below and then get to shopping so that you are fully prepared for summer when it arrives.

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Slip On & Go

A cute slip on sandal is all a girl needs to take a boring outfit and make it something extraordinary. This summer we have the cutest looks you can imagine at Not Rated Footwear. Whether you are heading to the beach or a Saturday backyard barbecue, our B Me Sandals are the perfect shoes to pair with a bikini or sundress. Available in pewter, black, white and tan, these sandals will be your go-to no matter where you are heading.

Around The Ankle

One of our favorite looks are ankle wrap sandals. This is especially true when the material is canvas. Not only are our Avana sandals available in both black and taupe, but they sport faux-leather straps and a side cutout for a casual and contemporary look. These are the perfect sandals to wear on that summer vacation you have been looking forward to in Mexico, or even to the grocery store on a regular Monday afternoon. You will love the way these shoes look and feel. Not to mention, the compliments they gain you will likely make you fall in love with them each time you put them on as well

Braided Beauties

There are few things better than a lovely brunch on a sunday morning, and our new Bed & Breakfast sandals. You cannot go wrong when you pair these adorable shoes will a pair of shorts, pants or that little cotton dress that you love so much. Available in grey, black and tan, be sure to get your pair before we are all sold out. It won’t be long before you won’t be able to get your hands on this classic summer footwear.

It’s Time To Start Prepping For Summer

It’s finally time for you pack away those boots and go on a sandal shopping spree. This is what you’ve been waiting for since autumn came to an end, isn’t it? Shop Not Rated Footwear today and uncover all of the incredible styles we have to offer!


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