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At Not Rated Shoes, We Carry a Fine Line of Ladies Pumps, Booties, Oxfords, Wedges and Sandals

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At Not Rated shoes, we carry a fine line of ladies pumps, booties, Oxfords, wedges and sandals. We know women love their shoes, we mean they seriously love their shoes, often more than chocolate. But women also love wearing shoes that are comfortable, practical and affordable. Our pump shoes fall into all three of those categories. Here are a few reasons why women love wearing pump shoes.

Women love it when they get attention, no shame in admitting this. Wearing pump shoes is a great way to garner some of that attention all women desire. Whatever you happen to be wearing, pump shoes add sex appeal. So whether you are wearing your favorite skinny jeans or a spring skirt, your pumps will enhance your look, in a positively sexy way.

Our pump shoes are made to offer comfort as well as style. We are a firm believer that looking and feeling sexy doesn't have to come at a painful price. You can wear our pumps all day long and they won’t cramp your style, literally. Comfort is one reason women love wearing our pumps for any occasion.

Speaking of wearing pumps for any occasion, this is possible because our pumps are a versatile shoe. That is, you can wear them to any occasion or event you wish. So whether your special event calls for a formal gown or a pair of jeans, our pumps are ready to compliment any outfit.

With so many shoes available on the market today, there just isn't any reason you can't keep your feet happy without compromising style.  


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