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At Not Rated, We Carry a Wide Variety of Women’s Shoes, Boots and Booties

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Once ankle boots came on the scene and became a popular choice, some women have a hard time deciding between them or the more traditional knee-high boots. What adds to this dilemma is which type of boot goes with what you happen to be wearing that day, because the shape and color of what you are wearing will determine what style to choose.

Whether you decide to wear a deep red or classic blue pair of skinny jeans, both types of boots will look just great. Sometimes knee-high boots can cut your leg in a bad spot, making you look shorter, but this isn’t really noticeable in darker skinny jeans.

Now, if you are wearing non-skinny jeans, we suggest you scrap the knee-high boots in favor of the booties. The main reason is the materials tend to get bunched up just above the knees, and this is not a good look for anyone.

Ankle boots are best suited for printed skinny jeans. The tall look of knee-high boots only distract from the pants and makes it feel like too much is going on.

Both ankle and knee-high boots work great with a mini skirt. Now, to avoid looking scandalous, you will want to pair knee-high boots with a tight skirt. It also helps if your tight dress covers more on top.

At Not Rated, we carry a wide variety of women’s shoes, boots and booties. Our boots, shoes and booties are an exceptional value, and our fashion advice is free. Check back with us as soon as you can. 


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