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Can You Get Away With Wearing a Nice Pair of Studded Sandals at the Office?

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Like tank tops and shorts, sandals tend to feel a bit too casual in a work setting. So does this mean you can’t get away with wearing a nice pair of studded sandals at the office? No way, it just means you need to pay close attention to the rest of your outfit. Really, who doesn't love a great looking pair of sandals as they are a great excuse to indulge in a pedicure. You sparkle when sporting sandals at lunch with your friends or our on the town, but you still wonder id sandals are workplace appropriate.

First, take into consideration what you see others wearing at work. Even if sandals are accepted attire according to your company handbook, this doesn't mean you should just throw on any available sandal, choose wisely.

If you work in an environment where you need to be on your feet often, it is best if you forgo the 5-inch heeled sandal. Comfort is king. If your job entails having to spend time outside, you might be better off wearing shoes that cover your toes. Frostbite is never a fun experience.

If you are planning on wearing a pair of sandals to your place of work, make sure your feet are up for it. That is, if you haven’t had a pedicure in some time, set that appointment now. Nobody wants to see unruly toes. But it would be best to avoid bejeweled artwork or neon colors, keep it conservative.

One last piece of advice, avoid taking off your sandals at work. It is all too easy to kick off those sandals under your desk, only to forget to put them back on when venturing to the coffee machine. Best to avoid such a potentially embarrassing situation. 


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