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First Impressions Matter (Especially When It Comes To Shoes)

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As the seasons change so do our wardrobes. However, there is one thing that will transcend from one season to the next regardless of the temperature outside and that thing is a general sense of fashion. Granted your wardrobe may be on point, but at the base of every outfit is a great pair of shoes (both literally and figuratively). Someone may be super impressed with the ensemble you have put together but if they see you are sporting an old pair of boots that look as though you have been wearing them since that camping trip you took back in 2005, their entire impression is going to be changed. “Why didn’t she wear different shoes? Does she not own any other shoes? Is that mud or….?” and so on and so forth. These impression may not matter so much in the day to day scheme of things but in the event of an important job interview or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, you need to be on your A-game and that includes making sure every part of your outfit is fabulous!

You can find every color and style of women’s shoes at Not Rated that you have ever wanted. We believe our shoes evoke confidence in every woman who puts them on, after all, how could you not feel great sporting styles like these? Visit our online store today and begin to plan a myriad of cute outfits for future wear. You won’t find women’s footwear like this anywhere else!


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