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How To Wear Booties For Fall: Our Women's Fashion Shoes Are Amazing!

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Here at Not Rated shoes, we absolutely love the fall weather because that means we get to wear all the booties and boots that we want! We're all about women's fashion shoes with no limitations on creativity, passion, or lifestyle. We want you to lead your life the same way: no limitations on creativity, passion, or lifestyle. Our boots and booties fall perfectly within our no limitations mantra because we only pick the most stylish and versatile styles and colors for our store. But how should you wear your booties for fall? We've heard this question time and time again!

Booties are actually very easy to wear on a daily basis! Our first tip goes out to girls who love to wear their summer dresses with tights in the fall. We love this look, too! Booties pair great with short dresses when you wear a jacket or cardigan over the dress, too. This helps balance out the ensemble. For example, if you want to rock those black booties with a lightly colored short dress, add a black cardigan or jacket to the fit to make it look complete.

Another easy and fashion-forward way to wear booties is to go full monochromatic! Pairing black booties with black tights and even a black dress is super cute and will always work for you.

Slim bottom like leggings and skinny jeans are also naturally cute with the bootie. Just make sure you slip the bottom of your jeans or leggings into the top of the bootie and you're good to go!


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