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If You Expect to Sport Those Trendy Studded Sandals This Spring and Summer, You Need to Ensure Your Feet are Sandal Ready

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If you expect to sport those trendy studded sandals this spring and summer, you need to ensure your feet are sandal ready. As the weather heats up, you are likely to start wearing shoes that look fabulous and keep you cooler. It would certainly be a shame if you tried on a great pair of sandals only to discover your feet are less than perfect looking. Fret not our sandal loving fans, we offer ways to get your feet ready for those spring and summer sandals.

Our first action on this list is to have your feet exfoliated. That’s right ladies, exfoliation isn’t just for your face. This preferred treatment will slough off dead skin cells from your feet, leaving them radiant and fresh. It is indeed one of the better ways to prepare your feet for summer sandals.

Don’t be a fool and clip those calluses off, you are just asking for an infection. Instead, use your pumice stone to gently buff those calluses off your feet. This procedure needs to be started a few weeks before you debut those breath-taking sandals.

It is all too easy to forgo foot maintenance in the winter, with your feet safely hidden from public scrutiny under wool socks and knee-high boots. But now that sandal season is upon us, it’s time to grab those clippers and give your nails a good trimming. But don’t cut them too short or you might suffer an ingrown toenail.

Even the skin on your feet looks better when it’s soft and supple. So after your morning shower, don’t forget to moisturize those feet before slipping your shoes on.

Follow these tips and in no time your feet will be ready for those lovely spring and summer sandals. 


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