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Just Like You Wouldn't Wear Women’s Fashion Shoes with Your Sweats and T-Shirt, Nor Should You Wear Tennis Shoes with Your Elegant Dress

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There is a lot you need to think about as you dress yourself in the morning. From which accessories to include in your ensemble to the color of socks that best suit your look for that day, it can all be a little overwhelming at times. Just one small step, and you could run off to work looking a total disaster. That one small misstep could easily throw your whole look off-kilter. Just read on and discover how you can easily ruin an otherwise good look.

Matching is essential when it comes to properly dressing, just don’t go too far. Look, it really doesn't matter if your top needs to be the exact shade of blue as your shoes, it makes you look like you are trying too hard. Your best bet is to focus more on whether or not your top looks good with your shoes and vice-versa.

You might win an award for the outfit you are wearing at this very moment, but could earn a razzie because of the handbag you are carrying with it. Don’t ruin a perfectly good look by carrying around the wrong type of bag. Make sure your bag compliments what you are wearing.

We are all fans of polka dots, plaids and animal prints, just not when they are featured all together. Don’t go pattern overload, keep it in moderation.

Wearing the wrong shoes will kill an otherwise wonderful look. Just like you wouldn't wear women’s fashion shoes with your sweats and t-shirt, nor should you wear tennis shoes with your elegant dress.

That’s right, shoes do make a world of difference. 


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