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Shoes For The Lady With An Old Soul

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The best thing about fashion is that there is always a look to be recycled. In recent years, reinventing the looks of the past has become all the rage and at Not Rated Shoes, we couldn’t be more thankful. Looking back on past fashion trends, it is obvious which ones were and which ones were not an overall good idea. Thankfully these days we can take note of these successful and unsuccessful looks in order to create the best outfits possible.

At Not Rated we like for our shoes to give you to option to pay homage to the fashionistas of the past. We find comfort in retro looks and we know you do too. Nothing changes a basic jeans and t-shirt combo like adding a pair of fringe booties that look like they were taken directly from Janis Joplin’s wardrobe. Not so much into heels? Try a pair of our black Bailey boots. When put together with a mini skirt and a soft sweater, you’ll look fabulous and still be able to say, “Oh this?! I just threw it together this morning!”.

If you love having the hottest looks before everyone else then you should be shopping at Not Rated. Stop asking other people where they get all of their cute shoes and be the girl everyone asks! Not Rated has the best selection of women’s shoes for every season and every occasion. Treat yourself to a new look and a new you today with footwear from Not Rated!


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