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Strappy and Studded Sandals in the Summer Sun

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We talked in the beginning of summer about having studded sandals to strut your stuff. For those of you who got your first pair and are back for another, don't they look great with those new pair of shorts you bought and the sunglasses that fit perfectly on your face?

For those girls here for the first time, join the other Not Rated woman who are looking for bold style, just like you. Whether you like strappy sandals or studded sandals that sparkle in the sun, we have everything you need to make an impression and bring summer out with a bang. 

Show off that tan, talk the beach in style, and smile as other people pass by you and stare. You are confident, one-of-a-kind, and utterly yourself, and you need a shoe that makes the kind of statement that you do. 

Not only do our studded sandals fit your style, but they actually fit your foot. Too often you've seen girls walking around in shoes that clearly weren't meant for them: they either hurt or are too big in places. Our Not Rated girl doesn't have to worry about fit. Instead, she can watch the sunset on the beach, walk to the ice cream shoppe, spend time making eyes at the cute guy across the street and just enjoy the rest of the summer.

Make your Indian Summer Hot and Fun, and get the Perfect Glow at Full Speed. See what we mean and check out all of our sandals and flats today!


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