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There is More to Owning Women’s Shoes than Just a Fashion Statement, As They Do Indeed Transcend Style

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Studies show that the average woman owns nearly 20 pairs of shoes and will own nearly 500 pairs of shoes over the course of their lifetime. That is a far cry from your boyfriend who owns two pairs of equally torn and ragged shoes. Of these 20 pair of shoes, you will likely have 5 heals, 6 pairs of sandals, 4 pair of boots and 5 pairs of shoes used for those special occasions. And we won’t even get into how much you spend on shoes. There is more to owning women’s shoes than just a fashion statement, as they do indeed transcend style.

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Research has discovered that when women buy apparel, they release dopamine, that chemical in our brain that gives us a feel good sensation. So, basically buying shoes is not unlike taking drugs. Perhaps this is why we can’t walk through Macy’s without passing the shoe section. The next time you are scorned for owning so many pairs of shoes, blame your brain.

Another psychological aspect regarding the purchasing of shoes is that when women buy heels, their feelings of euphoria rises. It could be due to that dopamine dump, but researchers surmise that high heels are associated with power and therefore women feel their status raise when wearing them.

When women put on shoes, it gives them certain physical changes. That is, when wearing shoes, women are taller, their legs look longer and their posture looks better. It is these physical changes that draw women to shoes, or so some believe.

We think you should stop fighting the urge to buy shoes, feed the addiction and you will feel better. Shop now. 


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