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This Winter Will be Brutal So Lose the Studded Sandals in Favor of a Great Pair of Boots

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If you happen to live in Buffalo, NY, we feel your pain and our thoughts are with you as you suffer tremendous snow. For the rest of you, winter is here and every weather station in the country has predicted a cold and snowy one. This means that before you go to work or out for a night on the town, you need to make sure you are dressed appropriately, this means your shoes as well, so lose the studded sandals for the immediate future.

It’s going to be a brutally cold winter, so you need to remember to dress in layers. You should wear a base layer that holds the ability to wick moisture away from your body. Save your cotton t-shirt for other purposes and instead choose a suitable fabric like polypropylene or even silk.

Your insulating layer should be a shirt or perhaps a vest that will go lengths in keeping you warm. We recommend wool or fleece.

You should avoid cotton or denim pants as if they get wet, they will stick to you, making things very uncomfortable. You might also want to consider wearing something under your pants like long underwear or yoga pants.

Accessories in the winter are as utilitarian as they are stylish. A warm hat is highly recommended as are a warm pair of gloves. It might be wise to choose a hat that covers your ears.

We strongly urge you to stock up on boots as these will work best for winter weather. The right pair of boots will make you look grand in even the bulkiest of your winter wardrobe.

Prepare for a harsh winter by ordering your boots today. 


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