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Those Studded Sandals May Feel Great, Even Liberating, But are a Bit Too Casual for Workplace Attire

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Like tank tops, shorts and a wide array of other clothes you wear during the sweltering months of the summer, those studded sandals may feel great, even liberating, but are a bit too casual for workplace attire. So, does this mean you should just closet them until the weekend? No indeed, just use a little common sense and pair them with the proper clothing. Sandals might be a bit more tricky to wear to the workplace than pumps or flats, but that doesn’t mean you should give up too easily.

First and foremost, you need to make sure you feet are sandal-worthy. That is, if you haven’t invested in a good pedicure, then that should be first on your list. Regardless the type of sandals you wear or the clothing you choose to go with them, jagged toenails and dried up blisters will just ruin everything. In addition, don’t go overboard with any foot bling. That is, avoid the neon paint and fancy jeweled artwork on the toes, this is just not office appropriate. Also, just because it looks warm outside, doesn’t mean that it is. There is nothing more uncomfortable than suffering freezing feet while attempting to work through your day.

Be smart about the type of sandals you choose to wear to work. You will want to avoid sandals made of plastic, foam or other materials that scream cheap. Also, if the sandals you choose look like they belong on the beach, then keep them at the beach and not at the office.

Lastly, although it might be tempting, never kick off your sandals at work and parade around barefoot. Never. 


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