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Wearing Socks With Your New Studded Sandals From Not Rated

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If you are thinking about wearing socks with your new studded sandals from Not Rated, it might make some people very nervous. After all, there is something very hippyish about combining socks and sandals. In fact, even suggesting such a combo online could cause a minor uproar on your social media networks. But if you do a little research and get over the whole socks and sandals stigma, you will discover they can indeed go together. And rather well for that matter.

If you are still not convinced, read on.

First, let’s appeal to your practical side. Spring is the type of season where there is still a chill in the air, not at all comfortable for those without some protection on their feet. Socks are the perfect barrier between the tricky spring weather conditions and your bare feet. Foot warmth has never been underrated. And consider this; socks are a wonderful way to break in that new pair of sandals. Yes ladies, leave the band-aids at home and wear socks instead. In addition, socks will also extend the life of your favorite summer sandals.

The trick to wearing the dreaded sock and sandal combo is to pull it off without looking like your dad on his last vacation. What we are saying is that this fashion trend can be a tricky one to pull off, all while keeping your grace intact.

So if you want to get onboard with this latest style, we suggest you do a little research to see just how other women are pulling this off. Right here is a good start.


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