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We’ve Fallen For Fringe

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We all know that fashion trends come and go. The sort of outfit someone could have been seen wearing four decades ago can suddenly find its way onto the body of a model on the front of Vogue out of nowhere. These are fads like platform shoes, bell bottoms and many more. However, there are some fashion trends that were popular when they first began to sell in stores and continue to be popular regardless of how long they have been around. Fringe is one of these.

Fringe was first worn on garments of Native American as a border on their clothing. Later in the early 20th century, fringe began to become popular as a decorative embellishment on ladies’ clothing, the most popular of which were flappers whose dresses with fringe skirts became a staple of their movement. This fashion trend continued into the 60’s when it became familiar garb of the hippie generation and has been worn by people of all ages and backgrounds thereafter.

Now, fringe has made its way to Not Rated Footwear and we could not be happier about it. We have nearly every style of shoe sporting fringe so that regardless of your style or your outfit, you can be sure to pair it with a fabulous pair of women’s footwear decked out in fringe. Start shopping all of our fringe styles today. You won’t ever want to leave the house without wearing your favorite pair ever again. After all, any look that can stay in style for centuries, must be worth the investment.


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