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When We Wear That Cute Blue Dress, Do We Pair it With Studded Sandals or a Pair of Pumps?

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As women, we must suffer the bad rap about being overly concerned, if not downright obsessed, with our shoes. But really, who can blame us when there are so many colors, styles and shapes in which to choose from? That right there is the main reason our closets are stacked to the ceiling with boxes and boxes of shoes. Besides, we also need certain shoes for certain occasions and most importantly, the right shoe for the outfit we decide to wear for that day. That is, when we wear that cute blue dress, do we pair it with studded sandals or a pair of pumps? We are here to offer solutions to your shoe dilemma with advice on how best to choose what shoes to wear with an outfit.

Our first word of advice is to choose a shoe color that matches or complements your outfit as opposed to competing with it. If you are wearing a complex outfit, choose a more simplistic shoe, just as you would choose a more complex shoe with a simple outfit. See, that was easy.

If you are wearing an outfit containing many different colors, hone in on one color for your shoes. If your outfit incorporates blue, pink and yellow, it makes sense if you choose a blue shoe to pair with it.

Avoid going with all one color, from head to toe. If you are wearing that really cute red dress, by all means avoid the red shoes. You want to avoid looking like a cherry popsicle.

Check back with us for more tips on choosing the right shoes.


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