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Women’s High Heel Shoes are a Fashion Accessory and a Part of Evolution

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Though uncomfortable, women’s high heel shoes are a fashion accessory necessity. We wonder what would obsess a civilization to produce a shoe that hurts feet and makes it impossible to outrun predators. Well, it’s all in the advantages of this fashion statement that is high heel shoes.

In fact, the choice of high heel shoes may be evolutionary. That is, there have been hypothesis put forth as to why the obsession with high heel shoes. And it makes sense.

Take a look at style and fashion trends over the years, especially for women. Poodle skirts worn in the 1950s drew attention to a woman’s legs, one of our finer features we might add. Shoulder pads, wildly popular in the 1980s, are believed to make women look stronger, a quality many males find attractive. Which brings us to why women wear high heels.

Women typically walk in a different manner from their male counterpart. While a male gait involves more velocity and a longer stride, women display increased movement in the hips. Gait can be studied by pretending there are markers on various parts of the body. The way these parts move when a woman is walking impacts attractiveness. In simple terms, the way you walk impacts how males are attracted to you. Now, high heels affect the way a woman walks, and pronounces the movements that tend to attract a man’s attention. Therefore, women wearing high heels should attract more attention than those women not wearing heels.

So, if you are in the market for a boyfriend, you may want to start with a pair of high heel shoes. 


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