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    Our Endless Styles of Women’s Fashion Shoes and All the Glorious Colors They Come In

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    It’s true, there are a certain number of women who have an obsession with shoes. But can we really blame them? With the endless styles of women’s fashion shoes and all the glorious colors they come in, every woman in America should have their closets stacked with shoes. If your closets are stacked top to [...]

    Women's Flat Shoes: A Forever Fashion Trend

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    Women's flat shoes have been around for centuries. From the sandals characterized by the gladiator times to embroidered flats which adorned the feet of Egyptian nobles to the ballet flats made famous by Audrey Hepburn, flats are the classic and forever beautiful option for any woman's tastes.As early as 1324 BC, flats and sandals have [...]

    Women's Fashion Shoes: Pumps and Wedges

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    You're tanned and beautiful. Strut your stuff this summer with a pair of pumps that won't soon be forgotten.This summer the style on the runway for women's fashion shoes is flashy. Girls are understanding that they are unique and they were born to stand out, so every year the style gets bigger and better and the [...]

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