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    At Not Rated Shoes, We Carry a Fine Line of Ladies Pumps, Booties, Oxfords, Wedges and Sandals

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    At Not Rated shoes, we carry a fine line of ladies pumps, booties, Oxfords, wedges and sandals. We know women love their shoes, we mean they seriously love their shoes, often more than chocolate. But women also love wearing shoes that are comfortable, practical and affordable. Our pump shoes fall into all three of those [...]

    Women's Fashion Shoes: Pumps and Wedges

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    You're tanned and beautiful. Strut your stuff this summer with a pair of pumps that won't soon be forgotten.This summer the style on the runway for women's fashion shoes is flashy. Girls are understanding that they are unique and they were born to stand out, so every year the style gets bigger and better and the [...]

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