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    Slip On Sandals Make Fashion Simple

    Posted on
    While many people think being able to look fashionable requires hours of contemplating in your closet, the truth is, a true fashionista doesn’t have to try; She simply will let her wardrobe do the work for her. This is especially true if she purchases her shoes from Not Rated Footwear as all of our styles [...]

    When We Wear That Cute Blue Dress, Do We Pair it With Studded Sandals or a Pair of Pumps?

    Posted on
    As women, we must suffer the bad rap about being overly concerned, if not downright obsessed, with our shoes. But really, who can blame us when there are so many colors, styles and shapes in which to choose from? That right there is the main reason our closets are stacked to the ceiling with boxes [...]

    Wearing Socks With Your New Studded Sandals From Not Rated

    Posted on
    If you are thinking about wearing socks with your new studded sandals from Not Rated, it might make some people very nervous. After all, there is something very hippyish about combining socks and sandals. In fact, even suggesting such a combo online could cause a minor uproar on your social media networks. But if you [...]

    If You Expect to Sport Those Trendy Studded Sandals This Spring and Summer, You Need to Ensure Your Feet are Sandal Ready

    Posted on
    If you expect to sport those trendy studded sandals this spring and summer, you need to ensure your feet are sandal ready. As the weather heats up, you are likely to start wearing shoes that look fabulous and keep you cooler. It would certainly be a shame if you tried on a great pair of [...]

    Those Studded Sandals May Feel Great, Even Liberating, But are a Bit Too Casual for Workplace Attire

    Posted on
    Like tank tops, shorts and a wide array of other clothes you wear during the sweltering months of the summer, those studded sandals may feel great, even liberating, but are a bit too casual for workplace attire. So, does this mean you should just closet them until the weekend? No indeed, just use a little [...]

    Just Close Your Eyes and Daydream of Those Carefree Summer Weekends in Your Studded Sandals, Shorts and Tank Top

    Posted on
    Sandals conjure up images of a lazy Saturday spent on the beach or in the park with the warmth of the sun beating on your bare shoulders. We apologize if that last sentence implored angry feelings for those who are suffering through the current cold front sweeping most of the nation. Best you just close [...]

    This Winter Will be Brutal So Lose the Studded Sandals in Favor of a Great Pair of Boots

    Posted on
    If you happen to live in Buffalo, NY, we feel your pain and our thoughts are with you as you suffer tremendous snow. For the rest of you, winter is here and every weather station in the country has predicted a cold and snowy one. This means that before you go to work or out [...]

    Can You Get Away With Wearing a Nice Pair of Studded Sandals at the Office?

    Posted on
    Like tank tops and shorts, sandals tend to feel a bit too casual in a work setting. So does this mean you can’t get away with wearing a nice pair of studded sandals at the office? No way, it just means you need to pay close attention to the rest of your outfit. Really, who doesn't love [...]

    Strappy and Studded Sandals in the Summer Sun

    Posted on
    We talked in the beginning of summer about having studded sandals to strut your stuff. For those of you who got your first pair and are back for another, don't they look great with those new pair of shorts you bought and the sunglasses that fit perfectly on your face?For those girls here for the first [...]

    Make a Statement with Summer Studded Sandals

    Posted on
    Summer is here: The sunglasses, the tans, the swimsuits, the style. School is out, no more teachers, classes, sitting at a desk for hours, and it is time for something new. Summer is all about being who you are without apology, about making a statement and standing out.  Summer is about friends and fun and the [...]

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