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    Wearing Socks With Your New Studded Sandals From Not Rated

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    If you are thinking about wearing socks with your new studded sandals from Not Rated, it might make some people very nervous. After all, there is something very hippyish about combining socks and sandals. In fact, even suggesting such a combo online could cause a minor uproar on your social media networks. But if you [...]

    Our Endless Styles of Women’s Fashion Shoes and All the Glorious Colors They Come In

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    It’s true, there are a certain number of women who have an obsession with shoes. But can we really blame them? With the endless styles of women’s fashion shoes and all the glorious colors they come in, every woman in America should have their closets stacked with shoes. If your closets are stacked top to [...]

    At Not Rated Shoes, We Carry a Fine Line of Ladies Pumps, Booties, Oxfords, Wedges and Sandals

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    At Not Rated shoes, we carry a fine line of ladies pumps, booties, Oxfords, wedges and sandals. We know women love their shoes, we mean they seriously love their shoes, often more than chocolate. But women also love wearing shoes that are comfortable, practical and affordable. Our pump shoes fall into all three of those [...]

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