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    Just Like You Wouldn't Wear Women’s Fashion Shoes with Your Sweats and T-Shirt, Nor Should You Wear Tennis Shoes with Your Elegant Dress

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    There is a lot you need to think about as you dress yourself in the morning. From which accessories to include in your ensemble to the color of socks that best suit your look for that day, it can all be a little overwhelming at times. Just one small step, and you could run off [...]

    At Not Rated, We Carry a Wide Variety of Women’s Shoes, Boots and Booties

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    Once ankle boots came on the scene and became a popular choice, some women have a hard time deciding between them or the more traditional knee-high boots. What adds to this dilemma is which type of boot goes with what you happen to be wearing that day, because the shape and color of what you [...]

    Those Studded Sandals May Feel Great, Even Liberating, But are a Bit Too Casual for Workplace Attire

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    Like tank tops, shorts and a wide array of other clothes you wear during the sweltering months of the summer, those studded sandals may feel great, even liberating, but are a bit too casual for workplace attire. So, does this mean you should just closet them until the weekend? No indeed, just use a little [...]

    If You Interested in Women’s Fashion Shoes, Here are this Year’s Spring Trends

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    Spring is a season full of transformation. As the temperatures begin to rise, we see the leaves that fell in the fall and the flowers we saw wilt begin to bud into lush, green perfect plants. As everything in nature transforms in the spring, as do our styles. We ditch the winter coats and scarves [...]

    Hesitant About Buying a Pair of Not Rated High-Heeled Boots or Shoes?

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    Every women needs to own at least one pair of high heels, even if she is sworn to her flats or sneakers. If you are hesitant about buying a pair of Not Rated high-heeled boots or shoes, here are a few reasons you should change your mind.While it is evident a pair of heeled shoes [...]

    Just Close Your Eyes and Daydream of Those Carefree Summer Weekends in Your Studded Sandals, Shorts and Tank Top

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    Sandals conjure up images of a lazy Saturday spent on the beach or in the park with the warmth of the sun beating on your bare shoulders. We apologize if that last sentence implored angry feelings for those who are suffering through the current cold front sweeping most of the nation. Best you just close [...]

    Women’s High Heel Shoes are a Fashion Accessory and a Part of Evolution

    Posted on
    Though uncomfortable, women’s high heel shoes are a fashion accessory necessity. We wonder what would obsess a civilization to produce a shoe that hurts feet and makes it impossible to outrun predators. Well, it’s all in the advantages of this fashion statement that is high heel shoes.In fact, the choice of high heel shoes may [...]

    Here is a Hint, a Pair of Not Rated Shoes or Boots Would Make Her Day

    Posted on
    Christmas shopping for that special woman in your life can be a trying experience. In holidays past, you have purchased rings, bracelets, earrings and a Dyson, three out of four really isn't that bad. This year you want to leave your comfort zone and buy her something other than jewelry or a vacuum cleaner. Here is a hint, [...]

    This Winter Will be Brutal So Lose the Studded Sandals in Favor of a Great Pair of Boots

    Posted on
    If you happen to live in Buffalo, NY, we feel your pain and our thoughts are with you as you suffer tremendous snow. For the rest of you, winter is here and every weather station in the country has predicted a cold and snowy one. This means that before you go to work or out [...]

    There is More to Owning Women’s Shoes than Just a Fashion Statement, As They Do Indeed Transcend Style

    Posted on
    Studies show that the average woman owns nearly 20 pairs of shoes and will own nearly 500 pairs of shoes over the course of their lifetime. That is a far cry from your boyfriend who owns two pairs of equally torn and ragged shoes. Of these 20 pair of shoes, you will likely have 5 [...]

    What You Need are Select Shoes from Not Rated that Hold Their Own in Weather as well as Style

    Posted on
    The change in the weather calls for a change in your wardrobe, especially your shoes. Not that you need a good reason to buy a few more pairs of shoes, but a change of seasons is as good of reason as any. The time has come for you to pack up those sandals and flip-flops [...]

    Can You Get Away With Wearing a Nice Pair of Studded Sandals at the Office?

    Posted on
    Like tank tops and shorts, sandals tend to feel a bit too casual in a work setting. So does this mean you can’t get away with wearing a nice pair of studded sandals at the office? No way, it just means you need to pay close attention to the rest of your outfit. Really, who doesn't love [...]

    How To Wear Booties For Fall: Our Women's Fashion Shoes Are Amazing!

    Posted on
    Here at Not Rated shoes, we absolutely love the fall weather because that means we get to wear all the booties and boots that we want! We're all about women's fashion shoes with no limitations on creativity, passion, or lifestyle. We want you to lead your life the same way: no limitations on creativity, passion, [...]

    Not Rated Booties: Prepare For Fall With Our Women's Fashion Shoes

    Posted on
    Not Rated is a southern California company specializing in women's fashion shoes. We're created on the foundation of belief that fashion should never come with limitations. Not Rated wants to ensure that all pairs of shoes we sell puts no limitations on creativity, lifestyle, or passion. This is the way we want you to live [...]

    A Style Inspired By You And A Look Capped Off With Not Rated Shoes

    Posted on
    Winter is right around the corner and as always, you want to be ready for all of those holiday parties and make sure you are dressed to impress. Winter fashion is always something that can be a little hard to keep up with considering the new trends and the ones that you create on your own. [...]

    Women's Flat Shoes: A Forever Fashion Trend

    Posted on
    Women's flat shoes have been around for centuries. From the sandals characterized by the gladiator times to embroidered flats which adorned the feet of Egyptian nobles to the ballet flats made famous by Audrey Hepburn, flats are the classic and forever beautiful option for any woman's tastes.As early as 1324 BC, flats and sandals have [...]

    Not Rated Shoes: Gearing up for Fall with Oxfords

    Posted on
    July is coming to a close, the days are waning, and the folders, binders and notebooks are coming out. You can almost smell the bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils and the excitement of school supply shopping. Probably the most thrilling part of looking for new supplies is the joy in getting new clothes, however, when [...]

    Strappy and Studded Sandals in the Summer Sun

    Posted on
    We talked in the beginning of summer about having studded sandals to strut your stuff. For those of you who got your first pair and are back for another, don't they look great with those new pair of shorts you bought and the sunglasses that fit perfectly on your face?For those girls here for the first [...]

    Women's Fashion Shoes: Pumps and Wedges

    Posted on
    You're tanned and beautiful. Strut your stuff this summer with a pair of pumps that won't soon be forgotten.This summer the style on the runway for women's fashion shoes is flashy. Girls are understanding that they are unique and they were born to stand out, so every year the style gets bigger and better and the [...]

    Make a Statement with Summer Studded Sandals

    Posted on
    Summer is here: The sunglasses, the tans, the swimsuits, the style. School is out, no more teachers, classes, sitting at a desk for hours, and it is time for something new. Summer is all about being who you are without apology, about making a statement and standing out.  Summer is about friends and fun and the [...]

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